AlgaFlex increases productivity in strawberry cropping

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News News publish:2018-06-15 11:31:20  

To assess the effects of AlgaFlex on strawberry performance. In particular, to examine the effect of a range of applications with regards to plant health, the amount of fruit produced and the quality of the fruit.

Financial benefit

Based on an average yield of 20 tonnes/hectare, a 12% yield increase would be worth an additional £7,200 per hectare. Taking into account the cost of AlgaFlex at £180 per hectare, the improved gross margin of over £7,000 per hectare highlights the cost effectiveness of applying AlgaFlex (a 40 times return on investment).


Strawberries £3.00 per kilo


Apply AlgaFlex as a weekly foliar spray at a standard rate of 3l/ha.

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