Frost Protect

Frost Protect--It has been formulated for ease of use at critical stages of crop cycles, primarily just before a frost event. The complex response of the plant to the bioeffector increase the cellular levels of nutrient, and increases the osmotic potential of the cell. This acts as “antifreeze” by lowering the freezing point of the cytosol. 

Membrane Effector:

The use of Boron, Zinc and Moltbsenum as a co-application will significantly increase the level of “anti freeze” or cytosol nutrient levels within the tissues. They also act as membrane plasticisers and give flexibility to the cell membrane helping the cells to withstand the effects of frost.

Boron: Helps to softent the tissue and increase flexibility, prevents cracking or brittle tissue.

Zinc: Reduces dieback, chlorosis and rosetting. Helps the plants return to growth in the post-frost phase.

Molybdenum: Reduces stunting and alleviates necrotic margins that would result from frost damage.

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